Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chapter 5

Author's Note:  this is an older story and really hasn't been edited that much.  I just realized that the first four chapters of the story were written in first person but from here on out it is written in third-person perspective.  I may go back at some point and fix the earlier chapters but for now please just give me some grace and accept it as is for now. 


Emi wiped the blood off her lip but nothing in her expression gave away that the land pirate had just signed his death warrant.  Looking at the scene around her through hair that had fallen across her face she saw that several of the boat crew were surrounding Kiko; the important crewman especially looked a little friendlier to him than she expected.   

The women were huddled off to the side trying to stay unnoticed in whatever was coming.  Emi figured it was a clear an area to work in as she was likely to get.  She spat blood at the guy who’d busted her mouth.  He spun her around and headed off towards a dumpster dragging her along.  The other team leader ribbed his partner for denying him the show he had asked for by saying, “Aw what’s wrong Man?  Afraid of the rest of us seeing how little you got to put into action?” 

Emi grinned at the joke, and the man sensed it.  He stepped up to back hand her again.  As he raised his arm Emi spun quickly in his direction and shoved the knife she’d palmed from the man she’d originally bumped into up into the armpit of her intended abuser.  The shock on everyone’s face was instantaneous as took them by surprise.  The only exception to this were the crewmen that had maneuvered themselves near to the injured Kiko.  Emi grabbed the pirate’s uzi and yelled, “Drop!!” 

Out of habit she’d said it in Spanish.  The girls all ducked or were pulled down by the remaining boat crew who’d run over to them and who apparently spoke enough Spanish to understand what she’d yelled.  That momentarily gave Emi something to worry about but in all honesty she was more focused on the here and now than the might-be’s down the road.  All that really mattered was that very few of the gringo land pirates reacted quickly enough to escape the spray of bullets that she emptied into the crowd.  Some fairly creative cursing followed, but due to the multiple ricochets it wasn’t just the pirates saying it. 

It only took about ten minutes from that point forward for the battle to tip in favor of the boat crew and another ten for it to be over but Emi had frisked two dead land pirates, grabbed Kiko,  grabbed the girls, and was dragging them all towards a catamaran she’d spotted between the buildings along the water.  There was no time to be nice and she rushed them all with creative curses and promises of severe retribution if they didn’t get moving.  She had them all loaded, tossing a couple in so that they landed on their backsides.  Kiko was barely still conscious especially because she’d had to dump him on the deck as well causing him to start bleeding again.  A bullet hit the dock near her feet as she was untying and she turned and threw one of the knives she’d collected.  It was a bad throw with a cheap knife but she still managed to catch the man in the thigh.   

The sandy-haired man that Emi thought of as their leader shouted, “Enough!!  Listen you crazy mujer, we’re the good guys!  And that’s my blasted boat!” 

Emi was set to ignore him when Kiko grabbed her ankle and sent her sprawling.  In a lot of pain he still managed to growl, “They’re our ride home.” 

Emi glared at him furiously, slowly got back up, but a dangerous distrust was coming off of her in waves even the densest man there could see.  The man that had yelled that the catamaran was his gave her a hard look and then grinned but it reminded her forcefully of a shark.  “So you speak English and Spanish.  And you’re a damn good street fighter.  Mmmmm.  You can play on my team anytime Sweetheart.  But that’s my boat and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose it to some sloe eyed little thing like you.  So let’s all just move nice and easy.  You get the girls to stay calm, I get my men to stay calm, we all come out with our skin intact.  Deal?” 

Emi nudged Kiko’s hand without looking at him.  He grunted and tried to sit up and said, “She don’t talk much Hermano but she’ll mind so long as you keep your men off of her.  I got her for Tony.” 

The man that Kiko called brother said, “We need to talk.  First is she going to let Ernie check you over?  You’re getting blood all over my clean deck.” 

There was a little more back and forth where the men slung their machismo around and while they were at it Emi started to come down off her adrenaline high.  She didn’t relax but she wasn’t on the edge of exploding as much as she had been either.  Still, something was nagging at her, she hated that feeling.  She turned to scan the wharf after Barb nodded that she would mind the girls who were still on the ragged edge of hysteria but too tired by that point to really act on it. 

Emi almost jumped when a voice beside her said, “You’ve been on the water enough to have your sea legs.” 

Rather than let him see that he’d startled her she continue to scan the dock area finally beginning to get a sense of what was bothering, and merely nodded.   He turned to go and Emi whispered, “You really family to Kiko?” 

“He’s married to my sister.” 

“Then we better get out of here.  I hear something and it’s gotten closer fast … motors for sure but I can’t tell how many.  They sound like they’ve been muff…” 

The man turned suddenly all business and started giving silent hand signals to his crew.  In moments the catamaran was moving but it was sluggish.  Emi’s arm erupted in pain causing her to lose her balance.  She would have gone overboard if Barb hadn’t grabbed her pants and pulled her backwards.  She tried to get back up but at that moment the secondary engines opened up and the catamaran was speeding away from the dock.  Pops, whistles and whines followed them and then there was an explosion to port. 

Emi followed the trajectory back to some kind of stationary gun mounted on a half sunken ship at the mouth of the harbor.  Right as they were about to launch another device Emi grabbed a rifle from a crew member, sighted in, and rather than aiming at the man on the gun, hit the box of explosives sitting at his feet.  And with that they were in open water and out of range.

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